Spring and new beginnings ..


Hello my friends!

I’ve been missing from social media and the blog for a while .. I’ve been thinking for the things that I want to do, I’ve been thinking how am I going to do them and on top of that a lot of things happened exactly at that time.

Last year

Work .. 

Last year I was still at my old job and around April-May took the decision to quit my job and take a step back and think about my dreams.

And then the wild fashion adventure began .. I sew a lot of different things – bags, costumes .. I did a lot of different T-shirt designs and in the end of the year I enjoyed the Christmas fest as a designer and I sold a lot of my hand made goodies!


Relationship with myself ..

I’ve started working on one very important relationship ..

The key to the happy life for me is to understand and love myself .. Sometimes I forget about me and I’m so caught up in making the others happy that I completely forget about myself.

Setting boundaries and spending time alone was and still is my priority.


Life decisions ..

I had  some life decisions that I’ve been putting off for a while now .. I’ve realized that I need to deal with them in order to continue with my life and my goals.


This year

Work ..

In the beginning of the year something wild happened .. I started working as a data analyst and I’m doing exactly the things that I love and enjoy in this field! I enjoy every second, every challenge and every task …

I know I know you are probably thinking what about your fashion dream .. Well my friend I haven’t stopped or forgotten about it .. I will tell you more about what I’ve found out about this in the next blog post .. cuz there were some great things and revelations for me!

Relationship with myself..

I’m still working on that I don’t think that the work will be ever over .. I feel happier and much more calmer that before. I can see more clear my life, my goals, the things that make me happy and complete ..

Life decisions .. 

I’m doing everything one by one and each time I search for the right answers and paths for me. I don’t rush things anymore and I know that the patience is the key ..

Why I wrote all of this and how this is connected to spring?

I do this now so that I can see my progress goals and how far I’ve came in just one year. And exactly like the flowers and the trees that are starting new life and are blossoming again and I feel the same! I feel that my life is getting better than before and it’s blossoming as never before!

I know that this blog post might not make sense now but I promise that in the next posts  I will tell you more .. It’s been an exiting year for me and I’ve grown so much! I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve learned with you!

So stay tuned and I’ll see you very soon!






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