Self Confidence


Many times in my life I’ve heard the words
“You can’t do it, you are not good enough, it’s not possible”.

Guess how many times I’ve proven the people wrong… Every single time!
I’m writing this because I shared a story in my YouTube channel and I wanted to get real and deep here. It’s important topic for me and even though I sometimes my self confidence is more than enough I know people that believe in the expression “you can’t”.



I like to hear these words because it really motivates me to prove everybody wrong. But I also can recognize the situations that is hard to believe in yourself and that you will get through!
I know the confusion, the scare, the panic, the thoughts “what if …”!
But I also know the feeling of “Yes I can and I will, just wait!”!
Yes, sometimes I get scared because of a messy situation but what I love to do is to remind myself that this is not the first case and how I’ve escaped every single time!
Yes now I’m nervous about the future but guess what ..
I won’t be able to get myself out of this just by sitting and worrying, I need a plan and I need to act now!
I know that it’s tempting just to sit in one place but I don’t believe that this is my way of living.
But think about all the time that you could’ve used to do what you love, to keep going, to keep learning and to do all of the things that you enjoy.
Yes people will say to you that I are not capable but that’s because they don’t know you or simply because for them might seem impossible.
But please don’t let your love, dreams and hopes fade.. Everything is possible, yes it’s really hard but it’s possible!
Believe in yourself!
Savy Su

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