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It’s 1:40 pm and I’m sitting and waiting for my face mask to dry.. I’ve decided to do one or two things since I will have at least 15 min to wait. I’ve washed my make-up sponges, washed the dishes and finally I sat down and opened my Facebook feed. There I saw a post from Parentland. It’s a space where mothers talk about all kinds of things and the blog post that I saw was from a working mom with three kids. She works from home and makes hand-made flowers and decor and she is also a photographer.

Even though I’m not a mother I can relate to her story. In a really interesting way she explains how her family is looking her funny because no one can understand her work from home. The same with friends and neighbours… And how she is looking after three kids and she is trying to find some kind of balance.


How can I relate to that story?

Well at first some of my friends were confused how I’m going to work from home and how I’m going to sew ..  I’m data analyst not a designer .. Well it turns out that by day I’m data analyst and by night a fashion designer. Almost six months I’ve worked from home and it was amazing! But I’m a girl that can’t let anyone help and I did everything by myself. I’ve worked more than 12 hours almost every day and struggled with the life balance.

And because I live at home with my parents I had to figure out time for all of the things at home that I’m supposed to take care since I’m actually at home. We are talking dishes, laundry, even my little bro. Well to be honest I enjoy every minute with him and I love him so so much so I don’t feel guilty for spending time with him instead of working.

But I can’t imagine how a mother would feel since she and her other half will be the people who will bring the food on the table .. how she as a working from home mother will cope with all of the daily tasks, watch the kids and work?

I admire every person that could handle this!!

To be continued …

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