New Beginning

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My alarm is ringing for about an hour and a half .. why this thing won’t stop? I need some sleep!

As my mind is falling a sleep and a thought creeps in .. “It’s Mondayyy”.

Oh nooo I’m so late, again!

My work is on the other side of the city and getting on time in the morning is a challenge, especially when I’ve slept in!

I’ve managed to get dressed and get out of the house under ten minutes which is impressive, that would be a new personal record of mine…

To get to my destination I need a subway and a bus. Usually it takes more than an hour but today I think that I can do it in 45 min otherwise I would be sooo late.

Running through the subway .. in my mind is a total mess!

‘I need breakfast because I’m so hungry! I have a TO-DO list that is around two pages and I’m running late .. great, Savina now you will need to do everything in a rush! Oh damn, I forgot to call the real estate agent ..’

Yes my dears, that’s the beggining of my day and the beggining of a new chapter in my life ..

I will take you along on this big adventure that’s ahead of me and I will see you in the next blog post!





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