Logic over Passion?


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Today I want to write about something that is on my mind for quite sometime now .. It’s probably confusing for you to read that I love fashion and I want to be a fashion designer and to have my own company and at the same time to work in completely different field as data analyst ..

I know it’s weird for me too!

As I wrote in the previous post (here)  a lot of things have changed for me in just one year. I started to work on my fashion project and I had a chance to test the market and to learn a lot of things. But why I left all of this to do data analysis? Actually I haven’t changed my mind I still want my own company and now I have even more clear idea of how I want to do the things!

For a long time I was confused and I couldn’t let myself fully enjoy the work that I do in the IT field because of my dream to work in fashion. It was confusing for me how I could enjoy both so much! I’ve tried to understand myself and actually in the past year I’ve became in piece with this and I let myself do the thing I enjoy even though they are so different and at first glance have no connection.

Logic over passion?

As I said it wasn’t logical how I could be drawn to two completely different things. But I found out that I can work on both projects with equal passion. And even more cool is that I find weird connection and actually when I work on the fashion project after that I have more ideas for my data analysis projects and vice versa!

I think that I had a problem in the first place because when I was growing up it was socially accepted to be a specialist in one field and that’s it.. And because of that I thought that I need to choose one thing and that’s it. But when you enjoy the things so much you can’t just pick one.

Recently I read an article about a man that was in the IT sector and then left and now has an IT/Fashion project. I’m not going in details about that but .. I have to tell you I was so happy to read that!

That’s why I love the time that I’m living in.. Everything is possible!

What about you have you ever had to choose or you just worked even harder and did everything that you enjoy?

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