Lip Balm Review – Z by Zori Pavlova




Lip Balm – Z By Zori Pavlova

Today I will share a few words about a this product. First I want to say that I was super exited when I saw the video where  Zori  explained that she has a limited edition lip balm line.. Not only because it’s winter and my lips were so dry that I had no idea what to do to repair them.. but because I love her YouTube channel .

I’ve purchased the lip balm not only because I wanted to show my support but because I was curious and to be honest .. I was in desperate need of a product that could help my cracked lips and to be as natural as possible..

So here is what I think about The Lip Balm…

The packaging of the lip balm is really nice in front you can see the name the brand and a pretty red bow. I believe that this was Christmas Edition so it all make sense.

When I’ve opened the tube the first thing that I’ve noticed was the smell. It literally smelled like Christmas or the two things that remind me of Christmas –  cinnamon and orange.

So far so good..

The list of ingredients was really nice :

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Essential Oils from Cinnamon and Orange



The two things that Zori mentioned in the video were first that the lip balm doesn’t cause addiction and the second thing that there is no filter that stays with you after applying.

And to be honest I was really exited because I have these two “problems” with all of the lip balms that I’ve tried so far .. But somehow at this point I was tired and desperate of all the searching for the perfect product that’s why I was prepared to be disappointed again ..

To be perfectly honest the first time that I’ve applied the balm I felt something and my immediate reaction was that this is the stupid filter that stays after applying..

But after a few minutes I’ve discovered that the feeling was actually very different. It wasn’t a filter .. I actually felt how my lips were repairing and what I thought was the filter was actually moist on my lips… I know that it might sound super weird and only someone that has dry lips like mine can probably understand the feeling but I really can’t describe it any other way ..

I kept on using it to check for the other “problem” – ”the addiction”.

I’ve used it since 15th of December until now – 3rd of January. So far I don’t experience the problem and I think that it’s safe to say that this is also true and the lip balm doesn’t cause addiction and all of the ingredients are working excellent every time! (Usually I experience the ”addiction” after putting the product a few times.)

What I think about the product?

I really love it, it does the work fantastic and I’m super happy that I don’t need to compromise on the few thinks that I’ve just talked about (natural ingredients, addiction and filter).

The price is really affordable the cost of the lip balm was only 5 lv. which in US$ is around $2.70.

The delivery was fast I think that I’ve received it after a day after purchasing.

The only thing that I’m hoping is that Zori will continue and this won’t be just a limited edition and I’m hoping for a bigger range of natural products!

So that from me and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the review.. I want to know do you have the same problems as me while searching for a lip balm? Until next time!







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