Late B-Day Letter


So my birthday was couple of weeks ago .. I’m officially 23!!!



The Party 

At first I thought about a getaway with my friends .. I thought about small town house in a gorgeous area.. Well no my plan didn’t go exactly as I thought .. I wanted to be prepared and every detail to be perfect but because it was winter wonderland here in Sofia – travelling wasn’t an option.  Instead with the other beautiful B-day girl took the decision last minute to celebrate here in Sofia. Our destination was the Rabbit hole. Even though it was really different from my original plan .. the celebration was amazing! We had so much fun, we danced, we sang along.. it was soo much fun! It turned out even better than expected and I’m really happy and grateful for everything.


A wish list for this year

I though a lot what I want to achieve this year and whether I want to change something.. Well it turns out that I’m pretty happy with my life and all I want is just to keep improving (with baby steps) what I already do and have. And of course my biggest wish is all of the people I love to be happy and healthy! I try to make every year epic soo I will keep you posted about my ideas and adventures!


P.S. We don’t have one good picture but .. meh it doesn’t matter all that counts … the memories! And I wish I had just one pic with the dress because it’s gorgeous but I guess another time another GRWM video or blog post ..

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