When it’s time to find a job ..


Hey today I wanted to share with you my experience and a little story from the time when I’ve searched for a job.
So let’s get started .. it was my first year of university when I’ve started searching for a job. I had no idea what I wanted to work but I knew that I need more experience and the goal was to find something connected with my major. I swear I think I searched for a job probably five or six months and my friends and family were tired from my complains that I had no success.

The problem was that I had no idea at the time how to structure my CV or cover letter moreover I had no work experience and these two combined .. really not helpful!

My other problem on the other hand was … when I thought that there was light in the tunnel and I liked the job the HR’s or people who were handling the new people were how can I put this delicately .. awful.
I don’t want to sound like a spoiled brat but there was that one time on my interview .. I was talking to a woman HR and at first she was really polite but when she saw my CV and saw that I was a student things had changed.

Even though when I applied for the job I was really specific that I’m a student and I need a part time job on my actual interview this woman was talking very different things from the job advertisement. At one point she told me that she didn’t care that I was a student and she won’t put up with my schedule.
I was really sad because this was not a one time thing and there were other places that told me the same but with other words.
At this point I wasn’t even angry anymore but I knew that I need to change something and this was my CV.
My university saved me because at the time we had a segment that was dedicated to CV and cover letters. (As information broker I needed to know this so this was helpful.) I’ve changed a bit my CV after this segment and then I’ve applied again. This time it was such a success! I found a great job with awesome people and I was really grateful and happy. So I needed a small change and I did it!

Other story from one of my close friends .. She is searching for a job and she went to what appears to be not a successful interview. She was really disappointed from the woman there. Again kind of a fail but she continues to search .. I wish her luck with this!!
But why I’m sharing this with you?

I don’t really want to offend the HR department I guess that was our luck .. but the thing that I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to search, it’s okay not to like a job. For me it’s really important the first feeling from the interview .. if there was something wrong I really politely thanked them and explained that I don’t think that this is the right job for me.
I really understand that for some of you it’s not practical to search five or six or more months but if you see that there is a problem I want you to know that you can solve everything and you will find the thing that you’re searching for!
Have you ever had a problem finding job or do you have a funny story to share? I will be glad to read your comment down below!

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Savy xO

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