Are you a new blogger? |Tips and Tricks| Part 2


Hello again!

In the previous part we talked about : blogging platform, blog themes and the blog’s category.

In part two we will talk about inspiration, content and people.

Savy’s 4th Tip


I’ve received a question : “Is it hard to have a blog?”

For me it’s not hard because I really enjoy it and I love writing and connecting with others through my blog. I love educating myself, improving and reading constantly. In the beginning I thought that it will be impossible to keep up and produce content like other blogs. But that is the important part you are not the other blogs!  You can choose and decide for yourself. Even though one blog can post five days a week this doesn’t mean that you have to do it. You choose the content, the topics that you want to write about and of course the timing of your posts.

On the technical side of things I can say that it’s not hard to maintain a blog. Again you just have to search for reliable sources and content. The more you read on particular topic the easier it gets. So don’t be afraid you can figure out everything and remember if you need help you can always get it.

Savy’s 5th Tip


You may be passionate on topics but let’s face it you are not always inspired to write.. And now what?

Again don’t be afraid it happens to all of us! The easiest way to solve this problem is to write as much as possible when you are inspired. That’s what I do I batch content and then when it’s the right time I will publish. With this trick you have content for the days when you don’t feel like writing.

Savy’s 6th Tip


For me this is the key component. It works not only for promoting your blog and work but connecting with others that have the same interest as you. For me this is like a gold. I get the excitement and the joy to talk with others and to share and connect.

The plus side is that if people like me and I provide them with valuable information the chance to share my work with others that need this information is really big. So it’s a win -win.

These are my tips for now I will  add more as I go in the future. For now I just want to tell you if you are passionate about something and you love to write don’t hesitate to start a blog. Don’t be afraid it’s not as complicated as it might seem and it will bring you so much joy!

If you have a blog, you can share in the comments your experience and your blog! I will be happy to read!

Savy xO

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Are you a new blogger? |Tips and Tricks|


Hey!  How are you today?

For quite sometime people have asked me questions and wanted to help them with some tips on blogging.

Firs I wanted to say that I’m really happy and I would be glad to answer the questions! The other thing is that I have a blog for a few months and my tips and tricks will be wrote from my point of view now. I hope in the future to answer more fully and to add even more value on this topic.

So with this being said .. let’s begin.

Savy’s 1st Tip

Choose a platform and a hosting company.

I know that choosing a platform must be a challenge for some people. I know that for me it certainly was. Before Savy Su, I had one or two blogs on different platforms. Every time that I’ve read for a platform I felt the need to check it out and try to research it. And this is how I ended up using WordPress.

For my hosting company I choose those guys. It was the easiest thing choosing them because I really liked that the have all of the information that you will need and all of the questions that you will probably ask are already answered.

Savy’s 2nd Tip

Choose a blog theme.

When you choose a platform and do your research then it’s time to start exploring other things. For me the next problem was the theme. What theme should I use? Fun fact in this few moths I’ve tried three or four themes before THE ONE. Here it’s important to choose wisely and again do the research. There are different themes with different features. The other thing is that the theme is important to be user friendly. I had this problem with my previous themes were really confusing for the readers. It wasn’t user friendly, it wasn’t good looking and it was a mess!

While researching I stumbled upon this site which provide great themes and have a blog with really interesting content.

Savy’s 3rd Tip

Choose the category of your blog.

Again this one was really hard for me because the topics that I want to write were not only spiritual and emotional. I wanted to write about fashion and the every day life. And with all of this combined I made Savy Su The lifestyle blog. I’m aware that if it’s a lifestyle blog there are more categories available to add but I wanted to focus on just those few things.

To be continued …

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Savy xO

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