Shopping in the end of the day ?


I want to share one of my secrets today ..

but first I want to ask you something ..

  • Have you ever bought a pair of shoes and it turns out that it’s really uncomfortable?
  • Have you noticed how your feet change when they are swollen?

I’ve had bad experience in buying shoes and I will tell you a story just to understand what I am talking about.

I love heels, but I don’t wear them as often as I want.

And with that being said I bought heels for a wedding and then I broke my rule “buy shoes in the end of the day”..

I’ve worn them two times – one was at the wedding for a few hours, second was at work .. I really thought that this pair will be fine and I will feel good but ..

But it’s so funny how things work!

The day I choose to put them on all of the streets around my work place were in renovation process .. the same exact day ..!

I had really hard time going to work and because of the renovation my shoes were in bad condition and were pretty much ruined. But that wasn’t the bad part my feet were in so much pain that I can’t even explain. Then I took a really dumb decision to run in my lunch break to the nearest store and buy flats. Again .. mistake ..!

I went there but because I felt that my feet were normal I bought the bigger size flats .. I thought that my feet will get bigger by the end of the day and I was in so much pain that I needed something loose.

Turns out that my feet did get swollen and bigger but .. but not as much as I thought and now I have great flats that I can’t wear because they are too big! So if I was more careful and didn’t broke my rule I could’ve saved a lot of money and probably had the dream pair of shoes!

I love to shop for shoes in the end of the day! For me this is the best time because at this point my legs are swollen and tired. Then I can feel if the shoe is uncomfortable or if there is something wrong because I’m really sensitive.

Why I love to shop in the end of the day? Why I love buying shoes then?

Because of this story and many more that I had over the years!

When do you think it’s the best time to buy shoes?

If you want to join the story time and share your own go ahead and write your story in the comments below!

Savy xO


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Today I will share a story with you .. It’s for self-love and what is happening if this kind of love is missing ..

The story goes like this .. Before around 80 years this baby girl was born in the family of poor people emigrants. They lived in little village and were raising  their big daughter and the little baby girl. The mother was loving but the father was an alcoholic. The times were rough there was no food .. but they still had so much work .. they didn’t had much time to teach and talk to their daughters .. And like this wasn’t enough the mother got pregnant again with another daughter. Years went by and the middle baby grew up. She was doing the house work and looking after her sisters from a young age. She never had time to herself .. she never knew what is rest and relax. She was doing the right thing and it was very convenient for everybody. But after number of years her mom and dad passed away and her sisters left her. She had to marry this kind man with green eyes just to escape her world. And to have the chance to forget all this years. He was madly in love with her and soon they were man and wife. They’ve moved to a big city bought a house and had two daughters. But it seemed like the past was creeping in in every day of her life. She was living again in this dark years of hers and she was passing all of the aggression, pain and suffering to her kids. 

She was living in really weird mind space ..She couldn’t leave the past behind and all of the things that she did for her sisters and the fact that they left her .. she couldn’t bare this thoughts! And the same story happened…  her daughters grew up and were beautiful ladies both of them got married one of them had a child .. But their marriages were quite short .. The mother of these two creatures was destroying the marriages because she couldn’t look them being happy. She was so mad at the world that she wasn’t happy that all of the people did her wrong .. but the worst part was that she had no love for her either. And because of that she couldn’t give back to people and especially her two kids. They knew .. they saw .. but still they give her a chance every day till this day .. chance to do it right to love them and to love herself. But every day she fails and hurts them even more.

They love her .. they all love her but she doesn’t love herself. She doesn’t give herself a credit, she doesn’t make time to enjoy life, to love her husband, her kinds, her grand kids .. she is just an empty shell that can’t stand the happiness of others …


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