My Magical Day |My Prom| 4 Years Ago


It’s raining outside .. I took the chance to draw something .. It’s been a while since I did that ..

My Facebook notifications are going wild .. one after another sitting there in red waiting to open them ..

But what is the reason for all of that?

It’s been four years .. four years since I’ve graduated high school, four years since my prom night, four years went by .. like that! When I remember all of the emotions going through me .. happiness, sadness and the taste of freedom ..

I was so strict back then I loved learning but I hated the exams .. I loved the people but I hated this four walls surrounding us and holding us back. I couldn’t wait for the moment when I step out with my beautiful dress and go out and make my dreams come true! This dress was giving me powers like no other dress could. My mother and little brother made it for me! I wasn’t the prettiest girl with the best dress but let me tell you I was wearing love and power all over me! It made me feel like I can handle everything! 


And I did four years later this dress is sitting in my wardrobe but I still feel her powers and message! 

I can do it! I can make my dreams come true! It’s so funny how a piece of clothing can make you feel all of this …

I hope that my friends from back then are feeling the same emotions and are going strong for their dreams!

And the question in my mind is “Am I the only one that has a piece of clothing that speaks to me like that?”

I want to show you pictures from that day.. my prom night .. the night that I felt like a princess ..


P.S. Funny story

All that could go wrong .. went I wanted beautiful curls with settled make up and a dress that I was inspired to design! My inspirations for this day were Catherine Middleton and Olivia Palermo. Interesting choice right?

I love Kate! I love her fashion choices, I love that she represents the concept of a princess in 21st century! She has the “grazia” and the elegant touch that I like.

Olivia on the other hand I admire because she can style everything, I love that she can mix and match really well and everything looks awesome in the end!

In the end I looked like a hot mess fashion-wise but boy I felt awesome inside ..

Stay tuned for Part 2 – My Magical Day |My Prom| My Fashion Crime ..

Savy xO

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To My Mother …


I just wanted to write a little something to my mother …

My friend, my love, my advisor …

I tell you every day that I love you and today I want to say it again .. I LOVE YOU!

I want to thank you for your patience and nurturing love.

Thank you for your understanding … Every time that I mess up it’s you and your hug ..  No sign of judgment.

Thank you for the trust that you have in me, thank you for being my best friend when I need you. Thank you for the moments when I’m sick and you take care of me. 

I’m the luckiest girl in the whole universe and all I want to tell you is that I love you and I’m here for you like you are here for me. Even in the toughest of times … I’m here to hold you like you hold me!

I’m all grown up now and from now on I will take care of you like you did my whole life! 

You are my role model and my hero .. you are my Super Mum. When the world is tough and I can’t fight I remember you and your strength and suddenly the black clouds are gone and I have the powers to continue .. 

I only hope that when someday I have kids I will be like you .. 

I want to inspire them like you inspire me, I want to be present in every moment like you are, I want to be strong for them like you are…

Thank you for being my hero!

Will always love you! 


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