Like a virgin …

Richard Branson

So in today’s blog post I will share my thoughts on Richard Branson’s Like a Virgin. This book was publishes in 2012 but I bought it in 2015. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect and at first I thought that it’s like the other books that promise a lot but don’t really deliver valuable information. Well I’m happy to report that this is not true at all! This book is fantastic! I really loved it and again to be honest I read it really long time around two-three months. I really wanted to absorb the information and really understand the meaning behind every chapter.

For me the experience was great. This book opened my eyes for things that I haven’t even thought about. It helped me change my mindset and go out of my comfort zone. When I think about this book the first three words in my mind are – change, confidence, understanding. I don’t think this is possible but I think that I felt in every single page the experience and the confidence!

I really enjoy connecting with people that solve every problem and don’t get caught in the situation. This book helped me form my ideas without the fear of failing and helped me see that even if I do fail it’s not a big deal if you know how to handle yourself and the situation that you are in!

The great think about this book is that it’s not applicable only for the business side but for your personal life too.

You can really shift and apply many things and even though you’re not a business owner this book can help you a lot. If you want to expand your horizon and read really good written book I think you will love this one.

If you’ve read it share your thoughts in the comments I will be happy to read about your experience reading this book!

Sayv xO

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