My Magical Day |My Prom| 4 Years Ago


It’s raining outside .. I took the chance to draw something .. It’s been a while since I did that ..

My Facebook notifications are going wild .. one after another sitting there in red waiting to open them ..

But what is the reason for all of that?

It’s been four years .. four years since I’ve graduated high school, four years since my prom night, four years went by .. like that! When I remember all of the emotions going through me .. happiness, sadness and the taste of freedom ..

I was so strict back then I loved learning but I hated the exams .. I loved the people but I hated this four walls surrounding us and holding us back. I couldn’t wait for the moment when I step out with my beautiful dress and go out and make my dreams come true! This dress was giving me powers like no other dress could. My mother and little brother made it for me! I wasn’t the prettiest girl with the best dress but let me tell you I was wearing love and power all over me! It made me feel like I can handle everything! 


And I did four years later this dress is sitting in my wardrobe but I still feel her powers and message! 

I can do it! I can make my dreams come true! It’s so funny how a piece of clothing can make you feel all of this …

I hope that my friends from back then are feeling the same emotions and are going strong for their dreams!

And the question in my mind is “Am I the only one that has a piece of clothing that speaks to me like that?”

I want to show you pictures from that day.. my prom night .. the night that I felt like a princess ..


P.S. Funny story

All that could go wrong .. went I wanted beautiful curls with settled make up and a dress that I was inspired to design! My inspirations for this day were Catherine Middleton and Olivia Palermo. Interesting choice right?

I love Kate! I love her fashion choices, I love that she represents the concept of a princess in 21st century! She has the “grazia” and the elegant touch that I like.

Olivia on the other hand I admire because she can style everything, I love that she can mix and match really well and everything looks awesome in the end!

In the end I looked like a hot mess fashion-wise but boy I felt awesome inside ..

Stay tuned for Part 2 – My Magical Day |My Prom| My Fashion Crime ..

Savy xO

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Minimalism, Money and Doing What you Love? Part 1


Hey you! So today I wanted to talk about money. And to be more specific – money and minimalism.

But don’t get too exited because this will not be “how to budget, how to spend” kinda article!

As you may know I’ve discovered minimalism when I got home from a vacation and I’ve realized that I need to change things immediately!

What’s the connection with this part of the title “doing what you love” you will ask? I’ll tell you!


When I’ve discovered how much I spend for items that I don’t use and need .. I was really happy! Why was I happy ? Because I’ve wasted so much money? No!

Because I think that’s what helped me to find my path.

How so?

If I didn’t spent so much on stuff I think that I would’ve  lived like this my whole life :

Working,  getting a paycheck, doing something that I kinda enjoy but I’m not the best of it. Having limited time for my family, friends, my boyfriend and for me!

Having to go on a vacation once a year because I didn’t have more pay days from work!

Minimalism opened my eyes how I can live a great quality life without sacrifice what I really enjoy and love.

If I’ve never realized that I can live with way less money and spend only on quality goods, I would never see how I’m stuck in a job that gives me nothing but money.



To be honest with you I’m grown up with the desires of a kid!

I’ve always loved this about myself because I want the excitement and the adventure. I want to try new things, to discover, to learn every single day and never settle for a boring not fulfilling life!

And because of that I’ve always wanted to “crack the code – how to live the way I want in the grown up world?”

Well I think I found my answers! 

Stay tuned for part 2! 

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