My Wardrobe Magic



I want to share my little secret that helps me tidy my wardrobe really fast and efficient…

It’s super easy! My mother and I watched really interesting video online. In this video woman is folding a bunch of clothes using T-shirt folder. My mum really loves this kind of DIY projects so she took the challenge and made a T-shirt folder for us! I’m really loving it its basic as you will see from the pictures but it gets the job done!


How to make a T-shirt folder?

I’m sure that if you don’t want to make this yourself you can google it, find and buy one.

My point is that now I”m folding my clothes for a shorter time and for the first time I enjoy it! Just for a comparison I can fold all of my clothes and clean my closet for under an hour.



At the moment I don’t have a particular order or color coding. I fold basically everything that can be folded and all of the dresses and other delicate clothes are on hanger.


So this is my tip for you. I’m curious do you have a secret for maintaining a cleaner and nicer closet?

Savy xO

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