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So as you can tell from the title I will break down my biggest make up mistakes that I made for my prom night.

I did my own make up the reason for this was first I wanted to save money because having a prom night here in Bulgaria is really expensive thing .. Second I didn’t have the time to go and search for make up artist that will satisfy my needs. I had a few friends that went for a test make up session but came back really disappointed.

With that being said I’ve decided to do my own make up and because I loved make up and did a great job doing my everyday make up I thought that I will do the same with the prom make up.

First Mistake that I did – I had no idea what is undertone and all that jazz .. I was doing my everyday make up with eyeliner and natural colors and it was all good. But I saw a picture of Olivia Palermo with beautiful brown smoky eye and I thought to myself .. WОW this is what I want!

But as you can imagine there are a lot of things to consider. This make up look wasn’t for me just because my skin tone was different from Olivia’s.

Second Mistake that I did – I went to the nearest shop and bought the most expensive foundation in the store. Back then I had no idea that a cheaper foundation can do a lot more than the most expensive one. Moreover there was no samples of this foundation so I had no idea what I’m getting myself to.

When I got back home I did a firs impression if you like and I really liked it but here comes the big BUT .. the lighting in my room was horrible and as you may know there is a difference between the lighting inside and outside.

But because I wanted everything to stay secret until the prom day I did my make up with my “every day foundation” and not with the new one.

I’ve realized that the foundation wasn’t for my skin tone after the prom because I saw the pictures!

I looked really funny although I wanted to cry .. my eyes were awful (no blending .. strong color that faded away a few hours into the night but I will get to this .. ) my foundation was with pink undertone which looked .. I just can’t ..

Here is the picture because I can’t explain it .. It’s that bad ..



Third Mistake that I did – I didn’t set my make up so I spend around two hours making this mess .. and I didn’t set the make up .. No powder, no nothing! And probably I looked like this for a few hours but certainly the make up didn’t made it whole night!

So what you can learn from me .. read about season color analysis and do your homework if you will do your own make up. Again do your research – read, watch YouTube tutorials, articles and whatever you want just make sure that you know how to do the make up. Search not for the most expensive product, but for the one that will work for you! And last but not least set your make up! Don’t waste two hours of your life like this .. 

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