Travel to .. Razlog


So today I want to share my travel story with you. Me and my colleagues from the company that I currently work in traveled to Kresna and Razlog.

We had a team building in two parts rafting and adventure games in Kresna. I choose the adventure games and we were divided to 3 teams I think .. We had a few tasks to complete and it was really interesting.

We had to climb a little mountain and to find all of the pieces of the puzzle. When we did that and we’ve got all of the pieces we went back to the main camp and assembled the puzzle.

Then we had a picnic… The interesting thing that I’ve noticed was that you ca go with some friend and sleep in a tent there and you can go rafting and stay there for a few days .. there is a bar and restaurant, toilets and nature .. what do you need more to relax am I right ? You can find the guys that provide the rafting and the adventure services here.

After we were done in Kresna our next destination was Razlog. We traveled to The Balkan Jewel  hotel. So this hotel with a few others are located 2 km. outside of Razlog. It’s really quiet, the view there is amazing I think I can live my life there ..

So the hotel was 4 stars (which for me doesn’t really matter) but the people there were really nice, there is a bar and a restaurant and if you want to relax even more you can use their spa center and pool. To be honest I’ve decided to go for a walk and explore so I have no idea about the pool and the spa, but I’m really happy with his hotel so I might go back and try .. and then I will make a vlog or something to tell you!
So we stayed in Razlog for one night and the next morning a few of my colleagues decided to go to Bansko for a coffee. Bansko is city close to Razlog. The main thing about Bansko is that in the winter time it’s like a snow tale and you can go skiing or snowboarding. It’s really nice. So we did that we went for a coffee and a walk in Bansko and after that we’ve headed back home – Sofia.

This mini vacation was really nice I really love to travel and explore new things so I think I want to do this more regularly and take you with me through this blog posts and vlogs.

What do you think do you want to see more travel posts?

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