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Every day I will share a little inspiration just like this down below!
Today’s inspiration comes from spring and both Selena Gomez and Olivia Palermo. I love Olivia’s style it’s very chick, very unique. Every picture that I see she looks on point and from the most boring outfit she can make an amazing piece of art!
For Selena’s style I can say that in the last few year she is trying new things – more edgy looks, but still very chick. I love what she can make, I really admire that she always mixes different styles through little bits and pieces!

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Spring Inspiration


Spring Inspiration Olivia Palermo


Spring Inspiration Selena Gomez


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What a .. shoe ?!


So today’s post is kind of a fashion post. It’s a shoe article.

It’s really important that the shoes we wear are comfortable. Because if they are not the pain and discomfort is big. With this being said my mum had a problem with her leg from sometime.

She felt tired after short walk and she had awful pain in her leg. We couldn’t think of a reason why.
She changed her shoes from one model to another to see if it’s the model and the way that the shoe was made. But we couldn’t figure it out she still had the pain in her leg.
Today we went to a special shoe shop that sells orthopedic shoes and shoe insoles. The cool thing was that there they had a machine that shows what is your foot problem. You go and step on something that looks like a box and then this machine scans your feet and show’s how you are standing and in which area is your problem.
So after this test the people there were able to tell my mother what is her problem and to give her advice. She bought summer shoes form this store which in my opinion look great and her opinion for now is that she feels great. I will keep you posted for more details. But I just want to share that I was pleasantly surprised that all of the shoes there were really cool. I liked more than 70% of them and the statement that the orthopedic shoes are ugly is really not true. I think I will make this test after a month or two because as I’ve shared before I have back pain and now I think it might be the way I’m walking and standing. I’m really curious for the results. Until now I’ve never took this seriously and I made compromise with myself by wearing not really comfortable shoes.

I will share more details later when I get myself checked and will share the results from my research.
What do you think have you ever worn orthopedic shoes or you find regular and comfortable shoes?

Savy xO

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