Girls Night Out |Girl Chat|


Girls night out .. Me and my girls had really great time together! We were celebrating life and our friendship which at that point is 16 years old!

Pretty impressive, right? 

I’ve known them since first grade .. And I safely can say nothing’s changed!

Despite the year that we were distant our friendship is as pure as it was before. My favorite thing in life is the old friendship .. (just the simple things in life).

Old friends ..

Old friends ..

We sat together at a really nice beach bar .. (hehe even though the sea is far we still get to enjoy the atmosphere at the bar)!

Minimalistic make up .. just foundation and a lipstick .. Love it!

Minimalistic make up .. just foundation and a lipstick .. Love it!

Just beautiful ..

Just beautiful ..

Lemonade and a Candle

I ❤ Lemonade

Cheers to the summer adventures! Each one of us has really exiting things going on – travelling, blogging and new goals to achieve.
Shirt (Mohito), Jeans (H&M), Bag (Mango), Shoes (Deichmann)

Shirt (Mohito), Jeans (H&M), Bag (Mango), Shoes (Deichmann)

My summer goal is to bring my a-game here at the blog I have really exiting things planned! Also I want to experiment more with life in general and I will bring you along with me in this experiment! 

What about you?
What are your summer goals? You can share down in the comment section and you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook


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Shopping in the end of the day ?


I want to share one of my secrets today ..

but first I want to ask you something ..

  • Have you ever bought a pair of shoes and it turns out that it’s really uncomfortable?
  • Have you noticed how your feet change when they are swollen?

I’ve had bad experience in buying shoes and I will tell you a story just to understand what I am talking about.

I love heels, but I don’t wear them as often as I want.

And with that being said I bought heels for a wedding and then I broke my rule “buy shoes in the end of the day”..

I’ve worn them two times – one was at the wedding for a few hours, second was at work .. I really thought that this pair will be fine and I will feel good but ..

But it’s so funny how things work!

The day I choose to put them on all of the streets around my work place were in renovation process .. the same exact day ..!

I had really hard time going to work and because of the renovation my shoes were in bad condition and were pretty much ruined. But that wasn’t the bad part my feet were in so much pain that I can’t even explain. Then I took a really dumb decision to run in my lunch break to the nearest store and buy flats. Again .. mistake ..!

I went there but because I felt that my feet were normal I bought the bigger size flats .. I thought that my feet will get bigger by the end of the day and I was in so much pain that I needed something loose.

Turns out that my feet did get swollen and bigger but .. but not as much as I thought and now I have great flats that I can’t wear because they are too big! So if I was more careful and didn’t broke my rule I could’ve saved a lot of money and probably had the dream pair of shoes!

I love to shop for shoes in the end of the day! For me this is the best time because at this point my legs are swollen and tired. Then I can feel if the shoe is uncomfortable or if there is something wrong because I’m really sensitive.

Why I love to shop in the end of the day? Why I love buying shoes then?

Because of this story and many more that I had over the years!

When do you think it’s the best time to buy shoes?

If you want to join the story time and share your own go ahead and write your story in the comments below!

Savy xO


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My Magical Day |My Prom| My Make Up Crime


So as you can tell from the title I will break down my biggest make up mistakes that I made for my prom night.

I did my own make up the reason for this was first I wanted to save money because having a prom night here in Bulgaria is really expensive thing .. Second I didn’t have the time to go and search for make up artist that will satisfy my needs. I had a few friends that went for a test make up session but came back really disappointed.

With that being said I’ve decided to do my own make up and because I loved make up and did a great job doing my everyday make up I thought that I will do the same with the prom make up.

First Mistake that I did – I had no idea what is undertone and all that jazz .. I was doing my everyday make up with eyeliner and natural colors and it was all good. But I saw a picture of Olivia Palermo with beautiful brown smoky eye and I thought to myself .. WОW this is what I want!

But as you can imagine there are a lot of things to consider. This make up look wasn’t for me just because my skin tone was different from Olivia’s.

Second Mistake that I did – I went to the nearest shop and bought the most expensive foundation in the store. Back then I had no idea that a cheaper foundation can do a lot more than the most expensive one. Moreover there was no samples of this foundation so I had no idea what I’m getting myself to.

When I got back home I did a firs impression if you like and I really liked it but here comes the big BUT .. the lighting in my room was horrible and as you may know there is a difference between the lighting inside and outside.

But because I wanted everything to stay secret until the prom day I did my make up with my “every day foundation” and not with the new one.

I’ve realized that the foundation wasn’t for my skin tone after the prom because I saw the pictures!

I looked really funny although I wanted to cry .. my eyes were awful (no blending .. strong color that faded away a few hours into the night but I will get to this .. ) my foundation was with pink undertone which looked .. I just can’t ..

Here is the picture because I can’t explain it .. It’s that bad ..



Third Mistake that I did – I didn’t set my make up so I spend around two hours making this mess .. and I didn’t set the make up .. No powder, no nothing! And probably I looked like this for a few hours but certainly the make up didn’t made it whole night!

So what you can learn from me .. read about season color analysis and do your homework if you will do your own make up. Again do your research – read, watch YouTube tutorials, articles and whatever you want just make sure that you know how to do the make up. Search not for the most expensive product, but for the one that will work for you! And last but not least set your make up! Don’t waste two hours of your life like this .. 

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My Magical Day |My Prom| 4 Years Ago


It’s raining outside .. I took the chance to draw something .. It’s been a while since I did that ..

My Facebook notifications are going wild .. one after another sitting there in red waiting to open them ..

But what is the reason for all of that?

It’s been four years .. four years since I’ve graduated high school, four years since my prom night, four years went by .. like that! When I remember all of the emotions going through me .. happiness, sadness and the taste of freedom ..

I was so strict back then I loved learning but I hated the exams .. I loved the people but I hated this four walls surrounding us and holding us back. I couldn’t wait for the moment when I step out with my beautiful dress and go out and make my dreams come true! This dress was giving me powers like no other dress could. My mother and little brother made it for me! I wasn’t the prettiest girl with the best dress but let me tell you I was wearing love and power all over me! It made me feel like I can handle everything! 


And I did four years later this dress is sitting in my wardrobe but I still feel her powers and message! 

I can do it! I can make my dreams come true! It’s so funny how a piece of clothing can make you feel all of this …

I hope that my friends from back then are feeling the same emotions and are going strong for their dreams!

And the question in my mind is “Am I the only one that has a piece of clothing that speaks to me like that?”

I want to show you pictures from that day.. my prom night .. the night that I felt like a princess ..


P.S. Funny story

All that could go wrong .. went I wanted beautiful curls with settled make up and a dress that I was inspired to design! My inspirations for this day were Catherine Middleton and Olivia Palermo. Interesting choice right?

I love Kate! I love her fashion choices, I love that she represents the concept of a princess in 21st century! She has the “grazia” and the elegant touch that I like.

Olivia on the other hand I admire because she can style everything, I love that she can mix and match really well and everything looks awesome in the end!

In the end I looked like a hot mess fashion-wise but boy I felt awesome inside ..

Stay tuned for Part 2 – My Magical Day |My Prom| My Fashion Crime ..

Savy xO

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My Wardrobe Magic



I want to share my little secret that helps me tidy my wardrobe really fast and efficient…

It’s super easy! My mother and I watched really interesting video online. In this video woman is folding a bunch of clothes using T-shirt folder. My mum really loves this kind of DIY projects so she took the challenge and made a T-shirt folder for us! I’m really loving it its basic as you will see from the pictures but it gets the job done!


How to make a T-shirt folder?

I’m sure that if you don’t want to make this yourself you can google it, find and buy one.

My point is that now I”m folding my clothes for a shorter time and for the first time I enjoy it! Just for a comparison I can fold all of my clothes and clean my closet for under an hour.



At the moment I don’t have a particular order or color coding. I fold basically everything that can be folded and all of the dresses and other delicate clothes are on hanger.


So this is my tip for you. I’m curious do you have a secret for maintaining a cleaner and nicer closet?

Savy xO

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Why Fashion is important ? |My story|


Why Fashion?

I love fashion and this is the reason that I want to write in my blog on this topic. But I also want to share the ugly truth ..

I’ve heard different opinions on the topic “‘fashion” .. from women and men who love it and express themselves to the opposite side … people who think that this is vain and not important.

Today I want to share my experience and thoughts!

In my school years I’ve kept myself on point.. always well dressed (you know that phrase dress for the position that you want, not the position that you are currently in, right ?) and I’ve always wanted to look presentable. In my dreams I was Victoria Beckham I had my own fashion company and always looked great.

But something has happened and when I got accepted in my university something .. broke. I no longer made the effort to dress up and look nice. Besides clothes I also loved make up .. but no more.

And at this point it may seems vain to you but I will get to my point I promise!

A few years went by like this and I still wasn’t being myself .. I had the twisted thought that I don’t need to look like before because people won’t get me seriously. (Remember the movie Legally Blonde .. yeah that’s what I’m talking about.)

As I’ve mentioned before my major in university was information broker and some of the professors didn’t think that this is a “girls profession” and there were times that I’ve received different treatment because I was a girl. I was afraid that if I put my outfit together it will be worse!

But now I’ve come to realize that it’s all bunch of crap! I’m sorry but that is the truth.

Fast forward to today ..

Today I’ve had a crazy day.. I had to go to work .. my schedule was full and here comes the realization ..

I was having lunch and then I had to buy present and go back to the office super quick. But in the morning I was doing the usual “just throw something and go” and because of that I had on me the most uncomfortable pare of jeans and t-shit. It was super hot outside my jeans were falling down because .. they are not for my body type (but I’ve bought them a long time ago and I didn’t care)  and I was so frustrated that I wasn’t being comfortable and my body was showing .. parts that you don’t need to see .. You feel me, right?

And when I got back in the office I was so sweaty and uncomfortable.. I was sitting on my deck preparing to give the gift that I’ve bought and I felt miserable. 

And then I’ve realized .. you dress up in the morning so you can go with your day and do the important things and not bother for the uncomfortable pair of jeans and awful T-shirt.

And this is really important if I don’t feel comfortable and good in my skin and outfit my performance on curtain things goes down .. and this is not good. And I don’t think that it’s vain to care how you look it’s crucial how you look and feel.

It’s for your own comfort.

Before when someone talked about fashion and how is not important I thought that this was ridiculous but I couldn’t use a proper example. Now I have one..

And from tomorrow I will make sure that I’m becoming me again and dress up and feel great!

I’m really curious am I the only one or it’s common? If you ever felt that way share with me in the comments or feel free to say “Hi” from the contact page. And if you have a friend with the same problem you can share the blog post!

I wish you a wonderful day and will see you next time to continue the fashion talk!

Savy xO



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Inspiration 5


Today’s inspiration is .. Prom Inspiration!
Are you preparing for your prom night? I remember my prom day.. it was magical.
Everything that could’ve gone wrong .. went wrong but still it was such a beautiful and special day.
I felt like a princess and I knew that from the next day I will be the queen of my life. I was the only person that could’ve made my dreams come true and the only person that could’ve made me happy. No limits and no excuses.
What is your memory from this day?

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Inspiration 11


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Daily Inspiration 3


Hey! I’m so glad that you’re here! Do you like today’s inspiration?

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Inspiration 5


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