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Girls night out .. Me and my girls had really great time together! We were celebrating life and our friendship which at that point is 16 years old!

Pretty impressive, right? 

I’ve known them since first grade .. And I safely can say nothing’s changed!

Despite the year that we were distant our friendship is as pure as it was before. My favorite thing in life is the old friendship .. (just the simple things in life).

Old friends ..

Old friends ..

We sat together at a really nice beach bar .. (hehe even though the sea is far we still get to enjoy the atmosphere at the bar)!

Minimalistic make up .. just foundation and a lipstick .. Love it!

Minimalistic make up .. just foundation and a lipstick .. Love it!

Just beautiful ..

Just beautiful ..

Lemonade and a Candle

I ❤ Lemonade

Cheers to the summer adventures! Each one of us has really exiting things going on – travelling, blogging and new goals to achieve.
Shirt (Mohito), Jeans (H&M), Bag (Mango), Shoes (Deichmann)

Shirt (Mohito), Jeans (H&M), Bag (Mango), Shoes (Deichmann)

My summer goal is to bring my a-game here at the blog I have really exiting things planned! Also I want to experiment more with life in general and I will bring you along with me in this experiment! 

What about you?
What are your summer goals? You can share down in the comment section and you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook


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Shopping in the end of the day ?


I want to share one of my secrets today ..

but first I want to ask you something ..

  • Have you ever bought a pair of shoes and it turns out that it’s really uncomfortable?
  • Have you noticed how your feet change when they are swollen?

I’ve had bad experience in buying shoes and I will tell you a story just to understand what I am talking about.

I love heels, but I don’t wear them as often as I want.

And with that being said I bought heels for a wedding and then I broke my rule “buy shoes in the end of the day”..

I’ve worn them two times – one was at the wedding for a few hours, second was at work .. I really thought that this pair will be fine and I will feel good but ..

But it’s so funny how things work!

The day I choose to put them on all of the streets around my work place were in renovation process .. the same exact day ..!

I had really hard time going to work and because of the renovation my shoes were in bad condition and were pretty much ruined. But that wasn’t the bad part my feet were in so much pain that I can’t even explain. Then I took a really dumb decision to run in my lunch break to the nearest store and buy flats. Again .. mistake ..!

I went there but because I felt that my feet were normal I bought the bigger size flats .. I thought that my feet will get bigger by the end of the day and I was in so much pain that I needed something loose.

Turns out that my feet did get swollen and bigger but .. but not as much as I thought and now I have great flats that I can’t wear because they are too big! So if I was more careful and didn’t broke my rule I could’ve saved a lot of money and probably had the dream pair of shoes!

I love to shop for shoes in the end of the day! For me this is the best time because at this point my legs are swollen and tired. Then I can feel if the shoe is uncomfortable or if there is something wrong because I’m really sensitive.

Why I love to shop in the end of the day? Why I love buying shoes then?

Because of this story and many more that I had over the years!

When do you think it’s the best time to buy shoes?

If you want to join the story time and share your own go ahead and write your story in the comments below!

Savy xO


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