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Today’s inspiration is .. Prom Inspiration!
Are you preparing for your prom night? I remember my prom day.. it was magical.
Everything that could’ve gone wrong .. went wrong but still it was such a beautiful and special day.
I felt like a princess and I knew that from the next day I will be the queen of my life. I was the only person that could’ve made my dreams come true and the only person that could’ve made me happy. No limits and no excuses.
What is your memory from this day?

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Daily inspiration 4


And today’s inspiration is .. for home 🙂

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Garden Inspiration


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Daily Inspiration 3


Hey! I’m so glad that you’re here! Do you like today’s inspiration?

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Inspiration 5


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Spring inspiration


Hey You!

I have a  present for you!

Every day I will share a little inspiration just like this down below!
Today’s inspiration comes from spring and both Selena Gomez and Olivia Palermo. I love Olivia’s style it’s very chick, very unique. Every picture that I see she looks on point and from the most boring outfit she can make an amazing piece of art!
For Selena’s style I can say that in the last few year she is trying new things – more edgy looks, but still very chick. I love what she can make, I really admire that she always mixes different styles through little bits and pieces!

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Spring Inspiration


Spring Inspiration Olivia Palermo


Spring Inspiration Selena Gomez


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What a .. shoe ?!


So today’s post is kind of a fashion post. It’s a shoe article.

It’s really important that the shoes we wear are comfortable. Because if they are not the pain and discomfort is big. With this being said my mum had a problem with her leg from sometime.

She felt tired after short walk and she had awful pain in her leg. We couldn’t think of a reason why.
She changed her shoes from one model to another to see if it’s the model and the way that the shoe was made. But we couldn’t figure it out she still had the pain in her leg.
Today we went to a special shoe shop that sells orthopedic shoes and shoe insoles. The cool thing was that there they had a machine that shows what is your foot problem. You go and step on something that looks like a box and then this machine scans your feet and show’s how you are standing and in which area is your problem.
So after this test the people there were able to tell my mother what is her problem and to give her advice. She bought summer shoes form this store which in my opinion look great and her opinion for now is that she feels great. I will keep you posted for more details. But I just want to share that I was pleasantly surprised that all of the shoes there were really cool. I liked more than 70% of them and the statement that the orthopedic shoes are ugly is really not true. I think I will make this test after a month or two because as I’ve shared before I have back pain and now I think it might be the way I’m walking and standing. I’m really curious for the results. Until now I’ve never took this seriously and I made compromise with myself by wearing not really comfortable shoes.

I will share more details later when I get myself checked and will share the results from my research.
What do you think have you ever worn orthopedic shoes or you find regular and comfortable shoes?

Savy xO

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Like a virgin …

Richard Branson

So in today’s blog post I will share my thoughts on Richard Branson’s Like a Virgin. This book was publishes in 2012 but I bought it in 2015. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect and at first I thought that it’s like the other books that promise a lot but don’t really deliver valuable information. Well I’m happy to report that this is not true at all! This book is fantastic! I really loved it and again to be honest I read it really long time around two-three months. I really wanted to absorb the information and really understand the meaning behind every chapter.

For me the experience was great. This book opened my eyes for things that I haven’t even thought about. It helped me change my mindset and go out of my comfort zone. When I think about this book the first three words in my mind are – change, confidence, understanding. I don’t think this is possible but I think that I felt in every single page the experience and the confidence!

I really enjoy connecting with people that solve every problem and don’t get caught in the situation. This book helped me form my ideas without the fear of failing and helped me see that even if I do fail it’s not a big deal if you know how to handle yourself and the situation that you are in!

The great think about this book is that it’s not applicable only for the business side but for your personal life too.

You can really shift and apply many things and even though you’re not a business owner this book can help you a lot. If you want to expand your horizon and read really good written book I think you will love this one.

If you’ve read it share your thoughts in the comments I will be happy to read about your experience reading this book!

Sayv xO

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Travel to .. Razlog


So today I want to share my travel story with you. Me and my colleagues from the company that I currently work in traveled to Kresna and Razlog.

We had a team building in two parts rafting and adventure games in Kresna. I choose the adventure games and we were divided to 3 teams I think .. We had a few tasks to complete and it was really interesting.

We had to climb a little mountain and to find all of the pieces of the puzzle. When we did that and we’ve got all of the pieces we went back to the main camp and assembled the puzzle.

Then we had a picnic… The interesting thing that I’ve noticed was that you ca go with some friend and sleep in a tent there and you can go rafting and stay there for a few days .. there is a bar and restaurant, toilets and nature .. what do you need more to relax am I right ? You can find the guys that provide the rafting and the adventure services here.

After we were done in Kresna our next destination was Razlog. We traveled to The Balkan Jewel  hotel. So this hotel with a few others are located 2 km. outside of Razlog. It’s really quiet, the view there is amazing I think I can live my life there ..

So the hotel was 4 stars (which for me doesn’t really matter) but the people there were really nice, there is a bar and a restaurant and if you want to relax even more you can use their spa center and pool. To be honest I’ve decided to go for a walk and explore so I have no idea about the pool and the spa, but I’m really happy with his hotel so I might go back and try .. and then I will make a vlog or something to tell you!
So we stayed in Razlog for one night and the next morning a few of my colleagues decided to go to Bansko for a coffee. Bansko is city close to Razlog. The main thing about Bansko is that in the winter time it’s like a snow tale and you can go skiing or snowboarding. It’s really nice. So we did that we went for a coffee and a walk in Bansko and after that we’ve headed back home – Sofia.

This mini vacation was really nice I really love to travel and explore new things so I think I want to do this more regularly and take you with me through this blog posts and vlogs.

What do you think do you want to see more travel posts?

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Today I will share a story with you .. It’s for self-love and what is happening if this kind of love is missing ..

The story goes like this .. Before around 80 years this baby girl was born in the family of poor people emigrants. They lived in little village and were raising  their big daughter and the little baby girl. The mother was loving but the father was an alcoholic. The times were rough there was no food .. but they still had so much work .. they didn’t had much time to teach and talk to their daughters .. And like this wasn’t enough the mother got pregnant again with another daughter. Years went by and the middle baby grew up. She was doing the house work and looking after her sisters from a young age. She never had time to herself .. she never knew what is rest and relax. She was doing the right thing and it was very convenient for everybody. But after number of years her mom and dad passed away and her sisters left her. She had to marry this kind man with green eyes just to escape her world. And to have the chance to forget all this years. He was madly in love with her and soon they were man and wife. They’ve moved to a big city bought a house and had two daughters. But it seemed like the past was creeping in in every day of her life. She was living again in this dark years of hers and she was passing all of the aggression, pain and suffering to her kids. 

She was living in really weird mind space ..She couldn’t leave the past behind and all of the things that she did for her sisters and the fact that they left her .. she couldn’t bare this thoughts! And the same story happened…  her daughters grew up and were beautiful ladies both of them got married one of them had a child .. But their marriages were quite short .. The mother of these two creatures was destroying the marriages because she couldn’t look them being happy. She was so mad at the world that she wasn’t happy that all of the people did her wrong .. but the worst part was that she had no love for her either. And because of that she couldn’t give back to people and especially her two kids. They knew .. they saw .. but still they give her a chance every day till this day .. chance to do it right to love them and to love herself. But every day she fails and hurts them even more.

They love her .. they all love her but she doesn’t love herself. She doesn’t give herself a credit, she doesn’t make time to enjoy life, to love her husband, her kinds, her grand kids .. she is just an empty shell that can’t stand the happiness of others …


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Today we talk about … procrastination!


Procrastination .. I’ve never been the type that puts on hold all of the things that need to be done just to sit around and do .. basically nothing.

But these days I feel really tired and I don’t want to do stuff because I just want to relax and rest.  And with this being said you can understand that a lot of things are going behind schedule. Sometimes it’s okay but other times these things are serious like work, study and housework. For me this time was study and one part work. I had a week to do my research for university and write my project but instead I went to sleep at 8 pm. or was doing things that I’m not supposed to like using msqrd.


Usually I like to get things done fast so I can do all the stupid and crazy things after. But this time was different. I couldn’t pick myself to do this research. And because of the thought that I have this big thing I’ve wasted all my energy thinking about it. Because all of this my blogging work went behind schedule. (We will talk about blogging tips in another post and video so I can explain in more details.)

Days went by and yesterday was the day that I had to present the project.

I did it successfully in the last minute. How you are asking?

I had a plan.

I had the steps that I needed to complete so I can finish my project. And because of that I completed in time and passed my exam.

Many people talk about procrastination and the things that work for them.

There are cases like this …it’s not entirely me and I’m putting away projects because I need to rest. But for me these projects are very very important. So it wasn’t that easy and the only thing that saved me in the end of the day was having a plan and knowing what’s a priority right this second.

Have you ever had this moment when you know and you want to get things done but you are just too exhausted?

Savy xO

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