Minimalism, Money and Doing What you Love? Part 1


Hey you! So today I wanted to talk about money. And to be more specific – money and minimalism.

But don’t get too exited because this will not be “how to budget, how to spend” kinda article!

As you may know I’ve discovered minimalism when I got home from a vacation and I’ve realized that I need to change things immediately!

What’s the connection with this part of the title “doing what you love” you will ask? I’ll tell you!


When I’ve discovered how much I spend for items that I don’t use and need .. I was really happy! Why was I happy ? Because I’ve wasted so much money? No!

Because I think that’s what helped me to find my path.

How so?

If I didn’t spent so much on stuff I think that I would’ve  lived like this my whole life :

Working,  getting a paycheck, doing something that I kinda enjoy but I’m not the best of it. Having limited time for my family, friends, my boyfriend and for me!

Having to go on a vacation once a year because I didn’t have more pay days from work!

Minimalism opened my eyes how I can live a great quality life without sacrifice what I really enjoy and love.

If I’ve never realized that I can live with way less money and spend only on quality goods, I would never see how I’m stuck in a job that gives me nothing but money.



To be honest with you I’m grown up with the desires of a kid!

I’ve always loved this about myself because I want the excitement and the adventure. I want to try new things, to discover, to learn every single day and never settle for a boring not fulfilling life!

And because of that I’ve always wanted to “crack the code – how to live the way I want in the grown up world?”

Well I think I found my answers! 

Stay tuned for part 2! 

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Cleaning – the faster, the better!



So today as promised from the previous post I will tell you the story of how I’ve cleaned my house. (ha-ha I know it sounds strange but stay with me) I will share the techniques that work for me.

And lets get started!

People use all kinds of techniques and strategies to clean their house, but for me .. I have to say they don’t work as well.

The thing that I’ve done was to focuse and split my house in different sections. And then to focus on each section and go through and clean.

For me the problem when “I go big” and pull everything (without sections) is that when I see the big mountain standing in front of me I feel confused.

I start to wonder where I’m going to put each item and focus basically on the wrong things. I stand there in the middle of the “storm” and think about “where I’m going to put my notebook” for example.

And because my concerns are ridiculous and I’ve tried to clean that way 2 times, the 3-rd I’ve decided that I’m going to clean my way!

So now I have imaginary sections that divide my house and then I clean each section (I know, I know it’s weird but .. it works )

I did 1 major clean up that way and as strange as sounds I saved a lot of time (compared to my previous experience ). But then I’ve realized – excellent I’ve done it, but now how I going to keep it that way? (Even though my spending, cleaning and shopping habits are different and I don’t buy everything that I see I still need control.)

So in my mind came up article from maybe a few years back from Lauren Conrad . Here basically you have schedule when to clean and I like it because I don’t have to spend 3 hours cleaning.

Instead my tasks are spread through the week and it takes me max 30 min to do my cleaning work! And now the challenge how to keep my items to a reasonable amount?

As I clean each section through the week I took 5 min to look around the section if everything is as I want it (that prevents me from making the big mountain with the needless items) ! And now everything is clean and under control!

Another great advice that I have is “to take one if you have a new one”. What this means ?

When I was young I had a so many magazines it was a little nightmare. What I did then.. after I’ve cleaned the rule was if I’m bringing new magazine, one old has to go.

So this is a great fit for almost everything and I still use it!

So this is my story and experience!

I will be glad to read about your story or tips (if you have of course)!

Have a fantastic day!

Savy xO


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100 Contemporary Fashion Designers Book



Today I want to tell you about 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers book.

You’re wondering what is this?

This is a book with two volumes, full with information for the present 100’s contemporary fashion designers.

Why these books are valuable for me?

Because they contain a summary for each designer and Q & A with each one of them. I personally found it extremely inspiring reading this content. Anyone who loves the world of art and fashion would appreciate it. Also contains beautiful photographs of different designs of the artists.

I would recommend it to people who want to work or just like this area, will be very inspirational experience.


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The end of the 30 day challenge


Hey! It’s the end of my challenge and I feel so happy!

I want to tell you why I’ve decided to make it and why I think that the minimalist life is the best for me!

I started working 2 years ago and in these 2 years I bought so much stuff! My house and my room were full! I thought that I should put money aside but never did it.

One day something big happened and I needed money but guess what – I did’t have them because I was shopping! I was standing in my room full with items and no money.

Then I’ve realized how unhappy I was. I was searching for a ways to get rid of all of the stuff – to sell it or just to give it to someone. This was the moment that I’ve come across the minimalism.

This solved all of my problems. I started applying simple but effective rules.

For example only buy item when the previous one is empty, write down lists for shopping and ect.

Now I value my purchases more and I’m more happy, the other plus is that my finances are under control. 🙂

If you enjoy this topic and want to learn more just tell me in the comments! I can make a series of blog posts on this topic. If you on the other hand have advice you can share it – leave a comment and help someone that way.

Till the next time

Savy xO

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New Beginning



This week I haven’t posted anything as you can see.

The reason for this is – I have so many ideas in my head. I wanted to find a way to make a some kind of system and think about you, what you will read and if these articles will be useful. I really want to write but I want to be helpful too.

So next week my articles will be different and you will see more of the topics that I really enjoy. It’s really an interesting period in my life and I will document it in my blog.

I hope that you will enjoy the change!

And despite the rain today, I wish you to have a wonderful day!

Savy xO

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Why Minimalism?



This blog post is part of my new series dedicated to minimalism. So let’s get started!  – Why minimalism?

Everything started last summer when with my mum and my brother went on a vacation for a few days in Gabrovo.

We stayed there less than a week so I’ve decided to pack just the most important things and two t-shirts, one pair of skirt and shorts. Everything was fitting in my backpack.

Our stay there was fantastic! People were awesome, the city was beautiful and the hotel was pretty nice.

But when I got home in Sofia with my backpack on my shoulder I entered my house and realized that I had too many things! I’ve started inspecting every corner and every drawer but it was getting harder and harder for me to accept this!

I was wondering how to clean and do it long term. I was going to sell or give away stuff but would it stay that way from now on?

Then I’ve decided that the clean up will start from my habits and my thinking. I spent time analyzing every single thing – why have I bought it and am I happy that I have it?

Unfortunately, nowadays it is very easy to be pressured by social standards to have more and more new items, only to be “relevant”.

Next step was to be inspired again and to think about my favorite to – do’s! But because of my work, debt and university I’ve stopped doing.  You can imagine this whole tension and never ending circle, I easily forgot what were my plans and dreams when I was a little girl! I wanted to draw, to travel, to eat clean food, to be happy, to live closely to the nature and to make my living while doing that!

Because I love doing lists that was my approach I sat down and wrote down all of the things that I’ve been putting away but were important for me. (To have a blog, to make pictures, to make cool things while using graphic design and ect.)

After that I’ve realized how I was so behind with my “plan” and I was not happy at all!

Then I’ve decided that I have to start doing things and my first task was to change my morning routine. I’ve started getting up early and started doing what I loved! So I’ve noticed how from the first day my life started to change!

Minimalism for me is not a strange place where you live without furniture, without pleasure and without your favorite things. Instead this is the place where you are surrounded only by objects, people and thoughts that you like and you are delighted by.

  • I recommend to sit down one day and to think what makes you happy?
  • What are the things that you love and can’t live without?
  • Think about you dream home or job!
  • What you have to change to make your dreams come true?

Think about the things that you buy, don’t buy just because it’s on sale! If you don’t need them now don’t buy them! Do you buy items to make yourself happy, but you don’t use them afterwards?

I’ve done that! I bought so many things because I was confused .. I thought that when I buy them my life will magically change and I will become happy and complete!

The first step towards minimalism aka calm and tidy life is to limit external factors that pressure you to do something a certain way and to possess something just because it is “cool”.

Listen to your own voice, you know best what is important for you and work in that direction!

The summary is: try to understand and analyze your thoughts and actions. This lifestyle will allow you to live as you wish, while also you feel good and fulfilled.

Think about the factors that stop you, consider how you can overcome them. 🙂
Next week’s article will be devoted to various cleaning methods and how to make sure that you and I never accumulate house full of unused items again.
Do you like this article? I’ll be glad if you comment below. 🙂

I’ll be very happy if I somehow managed to help you to live better than yesterday. 🙂

Savy xO

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Favourite from last week


Favorite N1 – #AskGaryVee

So if you don’t know this guy..  this is Gary Vaynerchuk and his new book #AskGaryVee! I’m so exited for this book because I safely can say that most of the marketing and business advice I’ve learned from him.

Even though my major in university gave me directions and knowledge I continue to go to Gary’s YouTube channel and read his content on Medium and follow him on social media.

He has great advice to offer in general and really deep understanding for the business and how it’s done.





Favorite N2 – My Mug

Mug of the week #mugs #mondaymug #happymonday #muglove

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The reason I’ve started to share ”mug of the week” is because I love my mug collection. Since I was a little girl I loved mugs. For me it’s not only about the mug it’s what represents and for me it’s my mood, my dreams, my feelings .. Do you feel the same as me?

Favorite N3 – The Orchid

The story here is that my brother and I bought the orchid for my mum because she had a b-day. But when she tried to take care of the flower and to change the vase the orchid got injured. All of her blossoms were gone and now after a few months it’s better and going strong. 🙂

Savy xO

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Favourite from last week


Favorite N1 – Atletic Fitnes

One of my dear friends goes there so I’ve heard about this fitness before. I wasn’t too keen on it because I thought that I’m feeling my best doing my exercises at home.

But recently I’ve noticed that I’m not as strict as I was so I’ve decided to try it. On 29-th of February there was a big discount for their membership fee so I thought that this was my time to try. For one month can go to the gym and their group activities (zumba, yoga ect.) only for 40 lv. Which is great because I wanted to try the zumba and in the other places just one class is about 10 lv.

And fast forward a few days ..  I went a couple of times so far and I’m very happy everybody is so friendly and the classes are great! I just want to say one more thing I am happy on a personal level because if this was a couple of years back I wouldn’t go alone and I would think of excuses just because I was shy and going alone was out of my comfort zone.

Favorite N2 – House Creative Hub

So I am a volunteer now! For quite some time I wanted to work with creative people on projects that are my passion. And I am so grateful for the opportunity and the trust.

Also I strongly believe that sometimes the work that goes on this kind of project can be so fulfilling that the “money topic” is so left out and not important. In my opinion this kind of volunteer work can be a stepping stone for students or just people who want to change their career path. (Just an idea 🙂 )

Favorite N3 – Muzeiko

Okey so this is the final part of my favorite this week and I think it’s the best. So my brother had a b-day on Friday and as part of his gift we went to Muzeiko. This is a new museum for kids in Sofia. If you are in Sofia and you have kids this is one of the best places it near metro station “G.M.Dimitrov” so it’s easy to find.

And lets talk about the museum for a moment!

Muzeiko is a 4 floor building and each floor is for a different topic you can cover all from our history to a satellites and space.  If you have questions there are assistants around you that can help you any time and explain everything.

And the last thing there is great place inside Muzeiko that you can drink coffee or have lunch and chill a bit with the kids.

And a Little vlog from there ..

So my question for you .. what are your favorite things from last week? 🙂

Savy xO

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