• One Monday with Me


    It’s 1:40 pm and I’m sitting and waiting for my face mask to dry.. I’ve decided to do one or two things since I will have at least 15 min to wait. I’ve washed my make-up sponges, washed the dishes and finally I sat down and opened my Facebook feed. There I saw a post […]

  • Late B-Day Letter


    So my birthday was couple of weeks ago .. I’m officially 23!!!   The Party  At first I thought about a getaway with my friends .. I thought about small town house in a gorgeous area.. Well no my plan didn’t go exactly as I thought .. I wanted to be prepared and every detail […]

  • GRWM Valentine’s Day Edition


    Hey girls! How are you today? I’ve filmed a get ready with me video for Valentine’s Day. It’s super easy and quick with only a few drugstore products. I hope you will like it! List of the products that I’ve used: To clean my face: Mixa Cleansing Micellar Water Mixa Soothing Toner Gape Seed Oil […]

  • Self Confidence


    Many times in my life I’ve heard the words “You can’t do it, you are not good enough, it’s not possible”. Guess how many times I’ve proven the people wrong… Every single time! I’m writing this because I shared a story in my YouTube channel and I wanted to get real and deep here. It’s […]

  • Today’s the Day

      I thought about writing and recording something for my 2017 resolutions .. But in the end I’ve decided that the best approach is to do the things and not only to talk about them .. So one of the first things that I’m doing in the new 2017 is to learn french! I’ve discovered […]

  • Year 2016, Hour 10:30

    Designed by Freepik

    Pic Source 2016 … Today is the end of the year and I want to dedicate the blog post to the awesome year that I had! What I’ve learned in 2016? I can do everything and I mean everything! I had ups, I had downs but I did it .. I conquered the fears and celebrated […]